Mark Babizhayev PhD


Background and Experience of Mark Babizhayev PhD

1982 – Graduated: from the 2nd Moscow Medical Institute (Pirogov’s), BabizhayevMedico-Biological Faculty as doctor-biophysicist.

1988 – Ph.D. in Biophysics and Pathophysiology at the Moscow Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases, Moscow, Russian Federation.

1992 – – Dr. Mark Babizhayev receiving the prestigious Oka Memorial Award, Yokohama, Japan

1994 – Grantee International Science Foundation

Helmoltz Research Institute of Moscow

Dr. Babizhayev is a bio-physicist and holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics and Pathophysiology. He has dedicated many years to scientific research, principally at the Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Disease, in Moscow. During that time, he has accumulated over 86 published articles and also has 15 patents to his name.

He is also a principle involved in the development of treatments for cataracts. Dr. Babizhayev presented for the first time to a western audience, the remarkable results of n-acetylcarnosine eye-drops to cure senile cataract within a 3-5 month period of time. Dr. Babizhayev’s lecture was one of the keynotes of the 2002 AACL Anti Aging Conference of London held in Monte Carlo.

Dr. Babizhayev Current Position(s):

Executive Director of Innovative Vision Products, Inc., Delaware (USA).

Senior Research Investigator at Moscow Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases (RF).

Scientific Consultant to Exsymol SAM, Monte Cjharlo (MC).

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  1. I have cataracts as well as macular degeneration. Is it dangerous for me to use the can C drops ? I have been using the drops twice a day an then using the AMD nutrients twice a day at other times.

    To have cataracts surgery is very risky as I have lattice degeneration and high myopia in both eyes.

    1. Hi:

      The good news is that as a natural product, there are no side effects from using the eye drops. Their effect is to reduce inflammation in the eyes which, according to the research studies that have focused on cataracts, succeeds in about 95% of the research subjects. The focus of the research has been on tracking cataracts however. I understand that the researchers have continued studies that examine other eye conditions as well, but I know of no specific evidence for your particular situation. When inflammation is brought under control, the body is better able to heal as a general rule.


  2. Bonjour Monsieur,

    Je suis en France et je viens de commander par Amazon les gouttes et le complément alimentaire CAN-C.
    Auriez-vous la gentillesse de me donner la posologie pour ces deux produits.
    J’attends votre réponse et vous en remercie.

    1. Hi: The recommended dose from the researchers is a total of 4 drops a day in each eye – best to spread out
      the application each day. We ship to France too!


  3. Hello my father has glaucoma and early cataract. He uses 2 different medications for glaucoma. Can he uses CAN-C? We live in Mexico, can you send it here? I can’t find a website to send to Mexico.

    1. Hi:

      Can-C is a natural therapy and as just does not interact with other medications prescribed by your rather’s doctor. We ship to all countries.


  4. I’m allergic to all of the drugs used for cataract surgery and also to preservatives. I’d like to find out if there is a version of this type of drop available without preservatives. The current research on this type of product seems to be my only chance to preserve what vision I have left. I’ve worked with multiple doctors and with Mayo Clinic. The reactions are due to autoimmune disease and only 1% of the population has this problem. Is there a preservative-free option or any trials? Thank you.

    1. Hi:

      The researchers experimented with many possible options – but found only the one used
      now seems to work well. I am sorry to say there is no version without “preservatives.”


    1. Hi Alisa:

      There is no research evidence that speaks to your question. Researchers have determined that application of the drops does get inflammation
      under control.


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